We create powerful jewelry for bright souls.

  • Simona Maeder, the creative soul of Ashana

    The origins of ASHANA can be traced back to Simona Maeder, who since her childhood has had a keen interest in beautiful, personalised and unique jewellery. During her many travels as a flight attendant to remote countries, she came into contact with various people who were, among other things, designers or manufacturers of special jewellery.

    Friends and other jewellery lovers were thrilled and impressed by all the beauty and grace she brought back from faraway places. This encouraged Simona's creativity and ambition to put her ideas into practice. In 2002 the company ASHANA was founded in Zurich.

    Together with her brother Peter, she created the ASHANA brand, which is now a well-known name for individual Swiss quality jewellery. Peter takes care of the commercial/administrative side, while Simona is the creative soul of ASHANA.

  • Our essence

    The ASHANA collections are carefully selected and are full of history and meaning.

    ASHANA jewellery is a statement of lifestyle, passion and beauty. ASHANA believes in the small charm and magic of jewellery - especially in combination with you as the wearer, as well as the many people on this small blue globe.

    It is important to us to offer symbols of beauty, as well as evidence of special taste, at a fair price.ASHANA is happy to assist its customers in their search for individual pieces of jewellery to convey joy, to create keepsakes, but also as possible protection or for representation on various occasions.


    We select high-quality materials and source them from certified suppliers.


    We design our bracelets in Switzerland and also create them in our atelier in Zurich.


    We cater to the needs of our customers and customize unique jewellery on request.