Golden Lucky Trinidad (Tourmaline, faceted, 14K Rosé-Gold, 3-fold)

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Penetrates very strongly into our emotional life and helps us,
boundaries that separate compassion and selflessness from
This beautiful stone helps us to let go of disappointments
and to open ourselves to the new.
The wearer will be filled with more love, friendship, happiness and
love for life.

Chakra: Heart Chakra

  • Lucky B (B= Bracelet) with natural stones
  • The Lucky B-Amulet (meaning "double luck")
  • The Lucky-B-Amulet and the gold beads are in 14K gold
  • Threaded on a proven elastic thread

What's so special about our Stone/Chakra jewelry?

Whether you're a calm or vibrant personality, wearing our bracelets “Lucky B” can bring you exactly what you need. Let them leave for a night on the window cornice in the vibrant full moon energy to get the full power of these chakra gems. This magical touch is what you need to help you secure luck, love and prosper!

How To Style

These bracelets are truly something you can combine with everything. It's main purpose is to protect you and guide you, but it also looks stunning and stands out with whatever you wear it. Just combine it with the right colors and you are ready to go.

How to take care of your gem

Wash in lukewarm, soapy water and dry it with a soft microfiber cloth. Avoid contact with chemicals or bleach.


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